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[texts]Religious Extremism
Kalamullah.Com | In This detailed work  written just before the 911 Crisis which has brought this subject to the forefront, is detailed work the author has concentrated on many of the manifestations of extremism found in the Arab world. He addresses many topics which are of direct concern to Muslim minorities living in the WestAbout the Translator: Sheikh Jamaal al-Din M. Zarabozo,  is a Spanish parented, French-born, and American based Islamic scholar, lecturer, and author of numerous books o...
Keywords: islam; extremism
Downloads: 2,430
[audio]Spiritual Vertigo - Chris Buttery
It's never fun when you lose your balance.
Keywords: accommodation; extremism; imbalance
Downloads: 22
[texts]Mass Psychology of Religious Extremism - Ali Syed
This article analyzes the factors responsible for religious extremism in Pakistan since its inception and role of ruling classes in fostering it.
Keywords: Pakistan; Religious Extremism
Downloads: 120
[audio]Extremism.mp3 - Abdullah Faisal
Keywords: Extremism.mp3
Downloads: 62
[texts]Revolution or Referendum - Meir Kahane
The last full book by Meir Kahane, founder of the JDL and Kach
Keywords: racism; zionism; extremism
Downloads: 590
[texts]Border Disputes - Anti-Defamation League
Armed Vigilantes in Arizona
Keywords: arizon; illegal immigrants; extremism
Downloads: 168
[audio]The Raise of Right Wing Extremism Throughout Europe – Transnational Answers - The Red House Centre for Culture and Debate
The deepening of the economic and financial crisis, the fear of influx of immigrants, the unclear future before the European continent all contribute to the big return of right wing extremist political movements in European politics. From the United Kingdom to Hungary and Bulgaria and from Sweden to France and Italy a multitude of anti immigrant, anti Islam, anti Roma, ultranationalist and neo-Nazi movements gain supporters, participate in government and reverse long established liberal politics...
Keywords: Right Wing Extremism; Bulgaria; Europe
Downloads: 58
[movies]Hate Crimes & Domestic Extremism : CSPAN : September 22, 2012 1:20pm-2:15pm EDT
Series/Special. The son of one of the victims in a shooting at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin testifies. New.
Keywords: Hate Crimes & Domestic Extremism; Television Program
Downloads: 158
[audio]Local Media Monitor
Local Media Monitor is a weekly radio program that analyzes clips from the "conservative entertainment complex" of talk radio and beyond while interviewing experts in the fields of extremism and media. Interviews include: Heidi Beirch of the Southern Poverty Law Center on right wing talk shows, Dr Gerald Crabtree of Stanford University on misinterpretations of his research, Dr Jeff Daly on the psychological effect of the media, and Jen Senko on her upcoming documentary film "The Brainwashing of ...
Keywords: talk radio; hate talk; right wing; extremism
Downloads: 3
[audio]Just Right #99 - Robert Metz
GUEST: Mary Lou Ambrogio, Forest City Institute Human Rights Commissions - UnCanadian? The London Free Press - UnNewspaper? The UnDebate - How The Media Creates UnInformed Citizens What The London Free Press Doesn't Want Londoners To Hear And Know --- And Why MisInformation, DisInformation, No Information - What The London Free Press Does Want Londoners To 'Know' - Hey, Why Not? 'Hate-Filled ...Extremist Nut Bars' - Who?
Keywords: Human Rights Commission; Media; Extremism; Freedom; Politics
Downloads: 12
[audio]Sat, Feb 22, 2014 Talban Haq Par Hain - Javed Ahmed Ghamidi
A unique analysis of Taliban and religious extremism. What is true construction of a society etc.
Keywords: islamism; terrorism; taliban; war on terror; extremism
Downloads: 18
[audio]Moderation vs. Extremism - Moulana Muhammed Shoayb Mehtar
It's all about perspective. Friday lecture at Masjid Khadija in Salt Lake City by Moulana Muhammed Shoayb Mehtar.
Keywords: islam; friday; jummah; jumuah; moderation; extremism
Downloads: 61
[texts]Let Us Then Try What Love Can Do - David Myatt
Essays Concerning Islam, The West, Extremism, and Islamophobia
Keywords: David Myatt; Islam; Islamophobia; Fascism; Extremism; Right-Wing Extremism; Prejudice; Intolerance; Pathei Mathos
Downloads: 33
[audio]Every Suicide Bomber's Broken Arrow Is Broken (corrected) - Donny Duke
A poem in which a suicide bomber speaking from the afterlife describes his action, his regret, his change, his faith, his unconscious motives.
Keywords: poetry; suicide bombing; the afterlife; extremism; regret; redemption; Islam
Downloads: 8
[audio]Nada Kabbara introduce Tara to her research on religious extremism and tolerance - Tara Brabazon
Nada Kabbara is enrolled as a 4th year student at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. Tara talks with her about religious extremism, religious tolerance and how we create socially just communication systems.
Keywords: Tara Brabazon; Nada Kabbara; religious extremism; religious tolerance
Downloads: 14
[movies]Book Discussion on Extremism in America : CSPAN2 : June 16, 2014 7:00am-7:54am EDT
George Michael discusses his book ``Extremism in America.''
Keywords: Book Discussion on Extremism in America; Television Program
Downloads: 2
[audio]News for 4.26.09 - gullyjuice187
Talk radio gullyjuice 187 takes on the DHS establishment. Gullyjuice takes on the decay of College Universities. Gullyjuice looking out for the women in America
Keywords: Obama; DHS; Right-Wing Extremism; Ladies; Gullyjuice; College
Downloads: 12
[movies]Book Discussion on Extremism in America : CSPAN2 : May 24, 2014 12:30pm-1:24pm EDT
George Michael discusses his book ``Extremism in America.''
Keywords: Book Discussion on Extremism in America; Television Program
Downloads: 4
[audio]Right or Left with O'Connor and Leinster 18/02/13 - Ciarán Leinster and Sam O'Connor
Every Monday at 1 pm on Belfield FM, Samuel O'Connor and Ciarán Leinster debate the issues of the day through their own partisan viewpoints. One's a hard-right Christian, the other's an ultra-leftie! What's going to happen!?!
Keywords: Right Wing; Left Wing; Extremism; Politics; Current Affairs; Leinster
Downloads: 45
[movies]Book Discussion on Extremism in America : CSPAN2 : May 11, 2014 11:00pm-11:54pm EDT
George Michael discusses his book ``Extremism in America.''
Keywords: Book Discussion on Extremism in America; Television Program
Downloads: 10
[audio]Don & David's Broadcast to the World for 1-21-2009!
Two of the Western World's greatest philosophers discuss current events with a European American perspective every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4pm EST on SF-Radio! No copyright, distribute freely! SF-Radio live feed HERE.
Keywords: Duke; Black; Israel; Obama; Jewish extremism; Zionist control
Downloads: 356
[movies]About extremism and a ruling party - RussTV
Michael Deljagin About extremism and a ruling party.
Keywords: Michael Deljagin; extremism; RussTV; Russian March; Dmitry Demushkin
Downloads: 4,922
[audio]The Propagandist Episode 1. Political Pundits or Douchebags? - Jonathon Narvey and Shane Birley
In the first episode of The Propagandist podcast, Editor Jonathon Narvey talks with Shane Birley about the background of the magazine and the difference between freedom-loving political pundits and extremist douchebags.
Keywords: The Propagandist magazine; world politics; political podcast; political extremism
Downloads: 226
[movies]Extremism - Digi Hartatak
We stand surrounded by a circle of extremist political and ideological fanatics. Each faction in this circle of madness shares a commom goal, destruction of democracy and free market capitalism. They all seek to obtain supreme power over the masses, regardless of what they claim are their intentions are. Socialism and communism only differ in their implementation. Fascism is just right wing communism in that both systems wish to nationalize everything...
Keywords: NoiseCollector, new world order; extremism; left; right; politics; religion
Downloads: 4,574 3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars(4 reviews)
[texts]Extremism in Florida - Anti-Defamation League
The Dark Side of the Sunshine statemal
Keywords: antisemitism; extremism; florida; neo-nazism; militia; islamism; animal rights
Downloads: 828
[texts]A Rejection of Extremism - David Myatt
This work consists of a few of my many recent [2010-2012] essays dealing with my extremist past and my rejection of extremism. As I mentioned in 'Reply To Some Questions' (included in the compilation) such essays document my interior struggles, my attempts to find solutions to certain philosophical problems, and my desire to understand the how and the why of my hubris, of my extremist decades, and thus to understand and acknowledge the mistakes of my past - to understand and acknowledge the suff...
Keywords: David Myatt; Pathei-Mathos; The Numinous Way; Extremism
Downloads: 67
[audio]Excellent advice to Muslims regarding Extremism Abu Suhiab Part 1 of 3 - www.islamicknowledge.co.uk
Excellent advice to the Muslims in the west to stay away from extremism by Abu Suhaib Bassam Alee Abul Hajj Presented by www.Islamicknowledge.co.uk
Keywords: muslim women islam free extremism debate quran muhammed lecture abu suhaib
Downloads: 60
[audio]Dangers of Extremism - Bro Abu Saifillah Abudqadir Baqshi @ Awareness of Dangers Conference (Sunday 20th Feb 2011)
Dangers of Extremism - Bro Abu Saifillah Abudqadir Baqshi @ Awareness of Dangers Conference (Sunday 20th Feb 2011)
Keywords: Dangers of Extremism - Bro Abu Saifillah Abudqadir Baqshi; Awareness of Dangers Conference; Islam; Salaf; Sunnah; Salafi
Downloads: 27
[audio]The Good Word With Elan And Nathaniel~ 2012 10 11 16 30 08 Part I - A. Hameed Al Baqari and Javed Qadri
Malala Yusef Zai in depth analysis, Wahabi doctrine, women's rights with Umm Abdul Razzaq
Keywords: Islam Wahabism The good word Islamic Extremism Truth about Islam; Women rights; Malala Yusefzai Taliban
Downloads: 3
[texts]Islam Is Not a Religion of Extremism - alhamdulillah-library.blogspot.in.pdf - ISLAMIC ENGLISH BOOK
Islam Is Not a Religion of Extremism - alhamdulillah-library.blogspot.in.pdf Title: Islam Is Not a Religion of Extremism Language: English Short Discription: This pamphlet shows the Islamic view to terrorism and how some Quranic verses are misunderstood by lots of people. It also shows when war is permissible Islam.
Keywords: Islam Is Not a Religion of Extremism - alhamdulillah-library.blogspot.in.pdf
Downloads: 17
[audio]For Your Ears Only (On Air) 04/20/2014 - David Alpern
Boston, Ukraine: From Russia with..., State of Hate, Species Killer, 54th and Crazy, 32 and Still Here, Archive: What the Bombing Taught -- 8-4-13 None
Keywords: Boston; Marathon; Ukraine; Hate; Extremism; Extinction; Kolbert; Errico; Sondheum; Newsweek On Air
Downloads: 5
[texts]Islam is The Religion of Happiness - aloloomenglish.net
Bismillahirrahmanirraheem The book is a call to non-Muslims to Islam in particular and for benefit of Muslims in general. The book is two parts ; first contains virtues of Islam and call to it, and second contains the means to accept and stick on to Islam. May ALLAH reward the author noble shaykh Muhammad bin Hizam alba'danee and all brothers namely salim alhindee, ahmad nishwan who are the members of the forum http://aloloomenglish.net and brother aneesh jamaal who were part of this effort of t...
Keywords: islam; salaf; pure; no extremism; happiness; religion; aloloom.net; aloloomenglish.net
Downloads: 59
[audio]Hamas & Bias of Jewish-supremacist Media - Dr David Duke
David Duke radio broadcast for 01-30-2006 David Duke radio archive for 2006: http://www.archive.org/details/DavidDukeRadioArchive2006168Broadcasts
Keywords: david duke; hamas; palestine; democracy; jew; israel; zionism; lebanon; syria; hezbollah; jewish supremacism; extremism; media
Downloads: 29
[texts]Concerning The Development of The Numinous Way - David Myatt
The genesis and the development of David Myatt's 'numinous way of pathei-mathos'.
Keywords: David Myatt; Numinous Way; Pathei Mathos; Philosophy of Pathei Mathos; Extremism; David Wulstan Myatt
Downloads: 34
[texts]Disclaimer - David Myatt
The following list describes those writings of mine which may, in my fallible opinion, have some worth. The texts listed were mostly written in 2012-2013; the exceptions being some letters written between 2006 and 2011. As far as I am concerned the rest of my writings, spanning some four decades, are either (i) hubriatic/tending toward hubris, or, as in the case of post-2011 material, (ii) can and should be forgotten, being only transitory scribblings...
Keywords: David Myatt; Numinous Way; National Socialism; Extremism; Fascism; Pathei Mathos; Philosophy of Pathei Mathos
Downloads: 24
[texts]MSS 2014 - VOIDEARTH
Collection of underground MSS
Keywords: satanic; ona; o9a; nazi; occult; survival; extremism; magick; mss
Downloads: 500
[texts]Why Al-Qaeda
Why are Muslim youth joining jihadi groups, such as Al-Qaeda, Al-Shabaab, Jabhat an-Nusrah and ISIS to mention a few? Abu Maryam "the Migrant" discusses why in this short piece.
Keywords: Al-Qaeda; Al-Qa'idah; Jihad; Jihadi; Jihadist; extremism; fundamentalism; terrorism; Shabaab; ISIS; JN; militant
Downloads: 309
[movies]Russophobia in Russia - RussTV
On May, 15th, 2009 the head of Russian information centre Andrey Savelyev at press conference "The Russophobia in Russia and so-called "extremist" affairs" has presented definitive edition of the annual analytical report "The Russophobia in Russia, 2008. The analytical report".
Keywords: Russophobia; Russia; Moscow; RussTV; Saveliev; Belov; Potkin; Vasiliev; Kholmogorova; extremist; extremism
Downloads: 73
[movies]Are Muslim kids who practice Islam Radical? TheDeenshow
In this weeks show we'll be talking with a Muslim youth to find what exactly is she learning from Islam
Keywords: radical; children; kids; youth; extremism; Islam; Islamopocbia; Islamophobia; puppet; show; moppets; TheDeenshow
Downloads: 2,259
[movies]America's Largest Street Gang
footage of police abuse and brutality
Keywords: police; cops; terrorism; extremism; violence; brutality; abuse; crime; gangs; police state; fascism; law enforcement
Downloads: 856
[texts]Understanding and Rejecting Extremism - A Very Strange Peregrination - David Myatt
Contents. Part One: Towards Understanding Extremism - Some Notes From Personal Experience. Part Two: A Learning From Grief. Part Three: A Rejection of Extremism Perhaps Explained. The first part contains some reflexions on, and some conclusions concerning, forty years as a practical extremist and forty years of practical experience of extremism and of other extremists. The conclusions regarding extremism resulted from some years of moral, personal, and philosophical questioning and reflexion; a ...
Keywords: David Myatt; The Numinous Way; Numinous Way; Extremism; Fascism; National Socialism
Downloads: 98 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Extremist Jews Running The White House - Dr David Duke
David Duke radio broadcast for 04-26-2006 David Duke radio archive for 2006: http://www.archive.org/details/DavidDukeRadioArchive2006168Broadcasts
Keywords: david duke; white house; chabad lubavitch; bolton; extremism; judaism; jew; torah; talmud; goyim; gentiles; purim
Downloads: 37
[audio]David Duke discusses the deep aspects of the Jewish-Gentile conflict - Dr David Duke
David Duke radio broadcast for 03-23-2006 David Duke radio archive for 2006: http://www.archive.org/details/DavidDukeRadioArchive2006168Broadcasts
Keywords: david duke; freedom; independence; self-determination; revolution; globalism; jew; supremacism; extremism; dershowitz; torah; talmud; judaism; iraq
Downloads: 49
[texts]Myngath - Some Recollections of a Wyrdful and Extremist Life - David Myatt
May 2013 edition. David Myatt - who has translated works by Sophocles, Sappho, Aeschylus, and Homer - has been described as "a British iconoclast who has lived a somewhat itinerant life"; as "emblematic of the modern syncretism of radical ideologies"; as "an example of the axis between right-wing extremists and Islamists"; as a "theoretician of terror"; and as "the leading hardline Nazi intellectual in Britain since the 1960s"...
Keywords: David Myatt; Myngath; Extremism; Fascism; Neo-Nazi; National Socialism; Numinous Way; Pathei Mathos
Downloads: 98
[movies]Religious Extremism in Pakistani; democracy - iKolachi
Viewpoint from Overseas host Faraz Darveshdiscusses with program guest Ex-Senator Allama Abbas Kumaili, Riaz Haq (riazhaq.com) and Ali Hasan Cemendtaur growing extremism in Pakistan and how to deal with the Taliban, and if democracy has worked for that country. This show was recorded at 1:30 pm PST on Thursday, December 12, 2013
Keywords: Religious extremism in Pakistan; Allama Abbas Kumaili; Faraz Darvesh; Riaz Haq; Cemendtaur; Viewpoint from Overseas; iKolachi; Kolachi; Karachi; iKarachi
Downloads: 3
[movies]The BlazeTV Highlights: Kevin Freeman and Secret Weapon - TheBlaze
Kevin Freeman continues to explain what happened with the 2008 economic crash
Keywords: theblaze; gbtv; beck_archive; The BlazeTV Highlights; Glenn Beck; interview; GBTV_SHORT_FEATURE; Glenn Beck Program; Islamic Extremism; Radical Islam; Shareable PlayOnFacebook; highlight; Embeddable; Economy; MEDIA_ARCHIVE
Downloads: 3
[movies]The BlazeTV Highlights: Revolt in Russia - TheBlaze
Buck Sexton from The Blaze offers his analysis of the uprisings in Russia & how the Arab Spring is producing healthy revolts
Keywords: theblaze; gbtv; beck_archive; The BlazeTV Highlights; controversy; Arab Spring; Shareable PlayOnFacebook; analysis; Revolution; highlight; GBTV_SHORT_FEATURE; MEDIA_ARCHIVE; Embeddable; Glenn Beck Program; Islamic Extremism; feature segment
Downloads: 3
[movies]The BlazeTV Highlights: Hillary testifies on Benghazi - TheBlaze
Sec. of State Clinton finally testified yesterday on the 9/11 attacks in Benghazi. Glenn discusses Clinton's tactics during the hearing.
Keywords: theblaze; gbtv; beck_archive; The BlazeTV Highlights; Glenn Beck; Pat Gray; analysis; THEBLAZE_SHORT_FEATURE; Stu Burguiere; Islamic Extremism; Radio Program; Shareable PlayOnFacebook; highlight; Congress; MEDIA_ARCHIVE; Embeddable
Downloads: 1
[movies]The BlazeTV Highlights: Emergency stop for Texas flight - TheBlaze
Emergency stop for Texas bound flight
Keywords: theblaze; gbtv; beck_archive; The BlazeTV Highlights; Radio Program; Radical Islam; Shareable PlayOnFacebook; analysis; highlight; Texas; GBTV_SHORT_FEATURE; Embeddable; MEDIA_ARCHIVE; Islamic Extremism
Downloads: 8
[movies]The BlazeTV Highlights: Lt. General Jerry Boykin - TheBlaze
Lt. General Jerry Boykin joins Glenn on radio to discuss GBTV's new documentary Rumors of War III: Target U.S.
Keywords: theblaze; gbtv; beck_archive; The BlazeTV Highlights; Glenn Beck; interview; Caliphate; GBTV_SHORT_FEATURE; Islamic Extremism; GBTV_RTH; Radio Program; Shareable PlayOnFacebook; Radical Islam; highlight; MEDIA_ARCHIVE; Embeddable
Downloads: 6
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